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    Need an ERP for your business?

    We are here to take care of your whole business

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    Ever got all you needs in a single ERP?

    We provide solutions for all your business needs and we think your business like you think. We follow our local business strategy, not like a foreigner.

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    RetaDesk is a cloud based ERP system

    So you don't need to worry about lost of data or server maintainance. We keep everything secure and you can monitor your business from anywhere.

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  • The Smartest Slaes Ever

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Tasks RetaDesk Can Handle RetaDesk Thinks The Business As You Think


We know how sales go in real life in our country and we will assist you to handle any kind of situations


All of your purchases will be under your full control. No matter how many times you want to edit them

Due Management

Have you ever thought of managing all of your due sales and due collection? All of your dues will be now under your control

Sales & Purchase Return

All the sales invoices can be returned now, no matter if you want to return fully or partially, dues will also be adjusted with returns


All of your customers will be tracked individually, Ledger will be maintained for customers individually


All of your deals with suppliers will be managed in a best way, every report and details will be under your control


You can manage your whole inventory with RetaDesk. It haa a smart way to manage your stoct and keep tracking of them.


Isn't the accounts management is the most complex task for your business? You can now stay hassle free by using our system. It will take care od everything as your business accountant


All of your banking transactiong including POS and Mobile Bankings will be marged with your business accounting system. Nothing will left out of your control


All of your collections will become so easily maintainable. We have developed a brand new architecture for collection which will make your collections extremely easy and smart


You can now easily manage your employees, no matter how many are them. You can also set individual access permissions for them.


You don't need to worry about your business reporting anymore. You don't need to waste any time to generate any nacessary report. All real time report are prodived by the them which will save you a huge time.


This is another innovative system in RetaDesk. RMA was never been such easy and smart before. We build the smartest RMA system by which you can handle, track and manage the RMA in the best way. This will help you a lot for increasing customer-relationship.


This is one of the most attracting feature of RetaDesk. The Servicing system of RetaDesk will surely surprise you. This will also help to to develop your customer-relationship.


We have developed the best system for managing all of your expenditures. No matter how deeply you want to manage them, RetaDesk will assist you for managing all of your expenditures.

Access Control

RetaDesk gives you full control over all your employees. You can control the access for each and every features of RetaDesk. No one can perform anything on RetaDesk without proper permission.

Know More About Our Company

Why Choose Us

There are a lot of companies in Bangladesh providing ERP support but there are certainly some facts for which you should consider using RetaDesk. What others may offer you, we are offering. But what we are giving are not offered by others. We provide you a set of interrelated unique features which are not available in any other ERP.

A set of Unique Features

RetaDesk is built with a set of unique features. The whole system is a interrelated ecosystem. There are a lot of features which you will not find in any other ERP available in Bangladesh.

Fully User-Friendly System

RetaDesk is developed upon feedbacks from users. We have developed the system as best possible user-friendly erp. You will enjoy using RetaDesk and will never get tired.

Cordial Support

We are very dedicated to our customers. We care our customers' demand and their thinking. If you face any type of problem for using RetaDesk, we are always ready to help you.

People Behind RetaDesk Here is the person who made RetaDesk.(RetaDesk in one-hand made software)

Md. Rayhanur Rahaman Rubel

Software Engineer

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