Behind the story of RetaDesk Let's see the backgroud of RetaDesk, from where the speciality of RetaDesk begins.

Lack of Proper Support

The business industry is growing very fast all over the world. Retail business is becoming smarter day by day. All the business owners are trying to spread and improve their business by using technologies. A lot of software firms are working on business solutions for providing supports for these business needs. Currently many softwares are available in the market for managing retail business.

What we found in real market

We put on a survey and saw that around 80% of the computer shops are using a single software made by a Bangladeshi software company. The rest of the computer shops use different softwares made by different software firms. During our survey we noticed that all the retail shops are facing the same type of problems for managing their business as almost all the shops are using the same type of software. The software they have do not suit their business strategy properly. A lot of things need to be maintained by the software but these are not possible by the available softwares. None of the software companies are thinking about the needs of the retailers of our country. The developers of the currently available softwares are not improving their softwares. This is why we decided to work on it. We wanted to bring solution for every single needs of the retailers of our country and wanted to develop a very smart software which will make the whole business management system very easy. The software we are talking about is basically an ERP software. ERP is the most demanding and very large-scale software of the whole software industry. ERP softwares are totally boundless and can become very large as the needs of features or support will increase day by the.

Retailers can not fully rely on available softwares

Nowadays retailers manage their business throughout the country for most of the cases manually or using some ERP software, inventory management software and billing or POS software. But none of the software suits properly to the retail business running throughout the country. The retailers are unable to manage all of their activities/works/needs using the available softwares of the market. This is because most of the softwares are made by the foreign developers/IT firms and the business strategy they followed is somehow different than the business strategy followed by retailers of our country. The retail business of our country needs many more features and services that are not currently provided by the software companies. Because of the lacking of this support, the retailers of our country are facing many problems and complexities for maintain their business. So they are still depending on paper-works for managing these works.

We planned to develope RetaDesk, which: -

  • An ERP software specially made for retail businesses of our country.
  • Web based, multi user, client-server based software ‚Ä®for providing supports to all problems faced by the retailers
  • Completely follows the local retail business strategy
  • Track each and every activities going through the business
  • Can suit any small to large scale business
  • Can fulfill almost all business demands
  • Can do the things which other software can not do
  • A complete solution for retailers

Why we developed RetaDesk

  • Helping the vendors for managing their business
  • Lack of software for providing proper supports to retailers
  • None of the available software properly suits local retail business strategy
  • A big sector in the software industry to which really need a good support
  • To reduce the distance between customers and vendors
  • To make the retail business sector smarter and more productive
  • To change the traditional business management way
  • Enhancing our professional and programming skill by developing professional software