Features of Supplier Module Have a look on the Supplier module of RetaDesk

This is the second module of the software which deals with all operations related to supplier’s management and product purchase. The “Suppliers Module” is showed at a glance in the following figure:

Supplier Profile

First of all, the product suppliers profile needs to be setup from the “Supplier Setup” page by providing the suppliers information including the current balance of the supplier. Supplier profile can be edited also. Data table will show supplier collections with supplier searching.

Purchase Return

The purchased items can be returned and this will also affect the supplier’s account and stock. A smart return management system is developed for it. Return history will also be provided. Return can be both partial and full.

Payment & Ledger

There will be a payment system for supplier. All purchases are treated as due purchase and when a payment is done for the supplier, it is treated as payment for the dues. A ledger will be maintained for the supplier and vendors will make payment to suppliers according to supplier’s balance. All the transactions will hit the supplier’s account as well as supplier’s ledger. The vendor can see all transactions within any time period from the supplier’s ledger menu.