Features of Inventory Module Have a look on the inventory module of RetaDesk

It is the basic and first module of our software. This module handles all the functionalities related to the stock and inventory of the software. The inventory module is showed at a glance in the following figure:

Category, Brands & Product Groups

This module starts with the creation of categories, brands and product groups. Each of them can be edited also. A data table of the categories, brands and product groups will also be available. Detailed report on each of them will also be provided.


The second and most important part of this module is the “Product Setup” feature. Vendor can setup products from there by providing the product information. A data-table of product collections will also be provided with a very user-friendly product search system. The product details page will contain all information related to a product like who created the product, when it was created and edited, product stocks, available serials, sales and profit related information etc. All the invoices on which the product was sold and all the customers who bought the product will also be showed there. The vendor will also be able to edit and disable any product.

Products Data Table With Instant Searching:

Stock Report

“Stock Report” is another very important part of this module. The vendor will be able to get a complete report of his business’s stock in 28 different ways. This reporting system is very user friendly and well organized.

“Stock Sales Report” is another reporting feature which will provide sales related stock report.

Serial Tracking

In many retail store specially in computer business, product serial of each item needs to be monitored and this is a compulsory requirement for them, so we developed the whole software by making it serial compatible. A “Serial Tracking” system is developed which provides detailed information on when and by which purchase invoice the serial was bought and if the serial is sold out then it shows the sales information like sales invoice, customer details, selling date etc. If the serial is returned then it will also display the return information.